Interesting Bits

06/25/2016 9:13

There's Some Good News in the World

For the first time since 1998, OPEC ran a collective budget deficit last year. The cartel’s members have struggled mightily in coping with a bearish crude market which has seen prices fall from more than $110 per barrel two years ago down below $28 in January, before recovering 

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06/25/2016 7:36

Well,You Hate to See This...

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06/24/2016 1:08

Lefties Always Sound the Same

If you don't believe that check out this Cal Thomas' column from November, 1994, when th3 GOP won control of the Senate and the House.

And while I usually enjoy Christopher Dickey's reporting and writing, he was as bad as the rest today, chanting about xenophobia and racism.

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06/24/2016 7:37

The Govt. of Stupid


U.S. Won't Block Internet in ISIS Stronghold Raqqa; Says Citizens Have Right to Internet   (Our bloated National Security Stuff is dangerous, not to ISIS, but to American citizens.)

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06/23/2016 5:41

Left Has Chosen Islam Over Gays

NYT uses the words of young Muslims to tell us that Ramadan is not a time for killing, but the NYT does little to refute the obvious loathing of gays embedded in the Koran, a hatred reiterated by Omar Mateen’s father. This hatred is preached in mosques across the globe and is the reason that simply being gay is punishable by death in a number of Muslim countries. If Ramadan is a time for peace, how does one explain that the prophet of Islam fought battles during Ramadan?

In the choice between defending the lives of gays and the sensibilities of Muslims, we have stood with the Muslims. First, we see young people slaughtered in Paris, then Jews in Tel Aviv, and now gays in Orlando. We might feel remote from these people and these places, but radical Islam is borderless. Radical Islamic terrorism is a global enterprise—and a growth industry.

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06/23/2016 1:22

Malignant Narcissism

The reason for t his bill is not because California legislators want to protect gays, it's simply that the legislators hate Christians and Christianity.

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06/23/2016 10:57

That Was to Be Expected Though

When news broke a young man tried to assassinate Trump, liberals had a truly repulsive reaction.  (As Glenn Reynolds notes, malignant narcissism is an ugly thing. In the South, there is an old saying "If a man keeps telling you how honest he is, he will rob you blind.  When people tell you how compassionate and sensitive they are, they are really crude, vulgar and cruel.)

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06/23/2016 7:38

Dems threaten to oppose GOP funding deal on Zika

So Dems are in favor of disease and deformed babies?

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06/23/2016 7:27

Yet Another VA Scandal

After being alerted by a whistleblower that leaders at a VA Medical Center in Houston were telling staff to falsify wait times, the Veteran's Affairs inspector general took a look.

What the IG found is alarming. More than a year after the national scandal broke that exposed widespread delays and attempts by officials to hide them, this clinic was still masking chronic wait times for veterans.

(What Trump said was true - This administration treats illegel aliens better than veterans. And then lies about.)

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06/22/2016 7:19

The Insurance Will Be REALLY Expensive

Axe-throwing league aims for liquor licence.  (I'm sure nothing will go wrong here)

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06/22/2016 8:18

More From the Compassion Party

Majority of Country’s Most Lead Poisoned Cities Are Controlled by Democrats  (Why are deep blue areas such cesspools of corruption and incompetence?)

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06/22/2016 7:51

A Govt Dangerous to The Public

A DHS employee entered the  building with a gun, a knife, an infrared camera, pepper spray and handcuffs. Investigaors think he was plannng an attack. But relax, he was placed on administrative leave.

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06/22/2016 7:23

Killing Trees for the Environment

To make room for solar panels, company has to level 66 acres of trees.

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06/21/2016 10:58

California's State Religion

Secular religions, such as Marxism or communism or progressvism, are inherently iron-fisted. Which is why mean and vicious people are atracted to them.  Secular religions also always have secular inquistors to enforce the dogma.  The California state religion is an example of that.

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06/21/2016 9:17

The White House War on Jobs

Some of the decline in less-skilled employment may be the inevitable result of technological advancement, but the administration has been doing everything it can to accelerate the trend. Indeed, few elements of liberal social policy have been as consistent in this administration as the relentless offensive against anybody who employs low-skilled people. Minimum wage increases, attacks on fast food franchises, the war on Walmart: any business that offers an entry into the workforce for people who don’t have post-high school education will sooner or later find themselves under siege.

If you want to open the kind of metal bashing industrial workshop in an inner city neighborhood where poor people live and could get jobs—fuggedaboutit. Between the zoning regulators, the OSHA inspectors, the environmentalists, the tax authorities and the ‘living wage’ myrmidons, liberal progressive governance will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

(But remember, this is all done in the name of "compassion" and "fairness.")

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06/21/2016 7:56

BBC Suppressing News of Migrant Violence

Boy, it's a good thing nothing like that could happen here...with our media.

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06/21/2016 7:48

Update on the New Hitlers

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06/21/2016 7:43

Should Do More of This

Australia Boots Iranian Cleric Who Says Gays Must Die. (The cleric has spoken at major American universities)

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