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08/31/2015 7:36

The Obama's Administration Legacy of Lawlessness

The Obama administration has proved to be the least transparent in our modern history. To an unprecedented degree, the administration is staffed by scofflaws who flout their legal obligations. When confronted with requests for information, let alone actual investigations, Obama’s habitual response is to stonewall. This strategy has been remarkably successful in avoiding accountability, in part because legal processes are so slow.

The Obama administration’s lawlessness is perhaps its most repellent legacy

(Part of the problem is the MSM media ignores such lawlessness so reduces the pressure on the administation. The press is no longer a watchdog but a lapdog.  Has any reporter asked officials why they are violating the Constitution by not protecting the border.)

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08/30/2015 7:36

At Least They are Recognized as Morlocks

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during the first pre-primary debate reiterated a point he’s made throughout his campaign that ‘the big problem this country has is being politically correct.’ Most Americans strongly agree with that sentiment. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 71% of American Adults think political correctness is a problem in America today, while only 18% disagree. Ten percent (10%) are undecided.” Almost a 4-1 margin. That’s pretty huge.

(However, the problem is those politically correct trolls control the media, academia and, to a large part, the entertainment industry and, of course the Democratic Party.  When confronted, the moral folks have to push back twice as hard.)

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08/30/2015 1:22

Academic Idiocy 101

Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’  (But I assume my 'White Privilege' would negate that and get me an  'A.' Plus, of course, get me a discount on tuition.)

Actually this raises the question 'Who do universities hire the most stupid people in the world as professiors?')

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08/29/2015 6:53

Russia Officials as TV Critics

A new TV series in which Russia occupies Norway and seizes its oil fields has been criticized by the Russian Foreign Ministry, with the Russian embassy in Oslo labelling it as reminiscent of the "worst traditions of the Cold War."

(This is amusing.  For the most part, the Soviet Union got a pass from Hollywood during the Cold War. Due to the leftwing fanaticism of Hollywood, very few films during that era made communists the villains. Even in  the first James Bond films, Dr. No and From Russia With Love, scriptwriters changed the bad guys from the Soviet Union to SPECTRE.  In the books, Dr. No was working for the Soviet Union and it was the Soviet KGB who plotted to kill Bond in "From Russis with Love." One leftwing Norwegian historian said the film would be offensive because the Soviet Union liberated Norway from the Nazis in WW II.  That's idiotic, because it never happened. It was the U.S. and England and the other allied forces who liberated Norway.)

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08/29/2015 6:45

Some Very Good Advice to GOP Candidates

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08/28/2015 8:17

So the Science Isn't Settled...

Many Psychology Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study Says.   (Which means a lot of studies have are just "made-up stuff."

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08/28/2015 8:10

Obama Has Been a great president - for Russia

 John Kerry awaits his upcoming Nobel and Obama plans his presidential library (my suggestion: Havana), Putin is deciding how to best exploit the final 17 months of his Obama bonanza.

The world sees it. Obama doesn’t.

(Other Wash. Post columnists, for the most part, simply bash the GOP. Charles Krauthammer tells you what is going on in the world - and it's a nasty tale, thanks to our feckless president.)

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08/28/2015 7:57

Guessing They're Blue Counties

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08/27/2015 6:16

A Win for the Good Guys

Hey, Conservatives, You won the College Board's about-face on U.S. history is a singnificant political event.

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08/27/2015 9:23

A Deep Blue State Might be Receptive to hm

  I'm not saying these are the end times but dozens of witnesses see the Antichrist hovering over Los Angeles.

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08/27/2015 7:29

Snooty Rich Libs Toss Black Women off Train

 In other words, it’s hardly newsworthy, just another hellish invention of California’s horrendous white middle class. I say white because the Napa Wine Train is probably the lightest-skinned public transport route anywhere in the continental United States, made all the worse by how many passengers are drawn from the tech elite which professes achingly progressive politics in public but recoils in horror when presented with anyone poor or black in real life. Basically this train is Vermont, but with iPhones.

As if to prove my point, this week some black women from a book club had the temerity to crash this genteel lily-white liberal locomotive and – shock, horror – were thrown off the train.

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08/27/2015 6:55

Creepy and in the Shadows

The ever-brilliant, ever-tenacious Michelle Malkin reveals some startling things about Obama's science advisor, John Holdren. Guy sounds like a science fiction villian but he's real and in the White House.

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08/26/2015 8:24

About That Obama Economy

  The bad news is that the country is headed toward $1 trillion deficits in 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The worse news is that, if history is any guide, this forecast is probably way too optimistic.

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08/26/2015 5:24

Your Religion of Peace Update

Christian man beaten to death by three Muslim Somali immigrants in Maine

The documents, which had been sealed since the three men were charged Aug. 11, police said they found the brutally beaten body of Freddy Akoa lying on the living-room floor in his apartment. He was the victim of a savage attack that took place over several hours.

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08/26/2015 5:21

Yes, Private Space Stations

Privately-Owned Space Stations Are Just Over the Horizon  (And can we get that warp drive thing underway too.)

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