Interesting Bits

09/26/2016 9:32

A Golfing Legend

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09/26/2016 7:39

How True

Voters are pretty convinced the moderators at the presidential debates scheduled to begin tonight will be helping Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that a plurality (46%) of Likely U.S. Voters believes most moderators will try to help Clinton in the upcoming debates. 

(Proving once again that the public is much smarter than the news media, who will be denying this.)

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09/26/2016 7:30

Journalism as Stenography

So the weekend before the first presidential debate, four major news publications all print the same story, the content and tone of which (calling out one candidate over the other as a serial liar) Stelter concedes is “extraordinary,” and it’s all just a “coincidence” with no coordination between the publications and certainly none with the campaign?  Uh huh.

(It's not surprising major news outlets are coordinating coverage with the Clinton campaign but it is a bit surprising that a CNN  reporter called them on it.)

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09/26/2016 7:15

About that Voter Fraud Thing

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09/24/2016 5:00

Not Surprising

Obama uninterested in bringing Genocidal leaders to justice.  (Well, he can't blame it on the GOP. the NRA or Christians)

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09/24/2016 10:17

The Danger of Radical Islam

Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the main Islamic movement in France, explained how Muslims living in the West have to proceed: they may use terror, they may use seduction, exploit Westerners' sense of guilt, grab public spaces, change laws, and create their own society inside Western societies until they become Muslim societies.

(Europe may be dead. It may well have died at Rotherham.  But if it survives, citizens will help to fight to survive. If they don't the entire continent will be one vast Rotherham.)

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09/24/2016 8:36

Isn't This a Tad Hypocritical

So football players take a knee during the National Anthem but a baseball player is suspended because of a tweet. Looks like the First Amendment only applies in some cases.

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09/24/2016 8:02

Our Retreat From Reason

The elephant in the room, the fundamental to which we must never refer, is propensity toward criminality. It is simply a fact that blacks, and particularly young black men, engage in lawless conduct, very much including violent conduct, at rates (by percentage of population) significantly higher than do other racial or ethnic groups. This is not a matter of conjecture. Crime gets reported by victims; the police don’t invent it, they investigate it. Overwhelmingly, the victims of black crime are black people. Indeed, as Heather Mac Donald relates in her essential book, The War on Cops, only 4 percent of black homicide victims are killed in police interactions. If African-American parents were really having “the talk” that is pertinent to protecting their children, it would have to involve the reality that those children are overwhelmingly more likely to be shot by other black youths. The police are having “police involved” confrontations with young black men largely because black communities demand police protection — and understandably so.

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09/23/2016 9:39

Obama kept Pentagon in the dark on Iran payments

Excuse me? Cardin seems to suggest that the White House would call a staffer to inform them of a major shift in foreign policy. How would that conversation go? “By the way, we’re sending hundred of millions of dollars to Iran in conflict with long-standing sanctions. Can you give your boss a heads-up? Thanks, pal.” And supposedly this staffer would still have a job if he forgot to alert Cardin, right? Come on, man.

It’s pretty clear why Obama kept Congress in the dark. But why keep the Defense Department outside the loop, too? Obama picked all of the leaders at the Pentagon for these posts. Was he afraid that his appeasement policy toward Iran was so radical that it wouldn’t even pass muster with his own appointees? That’s certainly the way it looks, and it demonstrates again how ill-advised these moves are

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09/23/2016 8:27

Thought This Day Would Never Come

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09/23/2016 7:19

Our Twilight Zone Presidency

After recent terrorist attacks, Obama orders intelligence agencies to study global warming.

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09/23/2016 6:49

Some Good Advice

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09/22/2016 9:33

The 21st Century Isn't Working Out Too Well

Government report: 500,000 girls in U.S. at risk of genital mutilation.  (Guess that Hopey-Changey Thing Isn't working Out Too Well.)

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09/22/2016 9:22

Bet October Will Be Too

September is "Trump is Hitler" Month at the Washington Post

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09/22/2016 2:06

PC Corrupts Everything It Touches

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09/21/2016 1:21

Yearning For Welfare Checks

Mass immigration costs govt. $296 billion a year, depresses wages: National Academy of Sciences

Immigration is a massive drain on the government, with immigrants taking as much as $296 billion more in benefits than they pay in taxes, according to a new authoritative study by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, which found the record level of newcomers is straining the country.

The report suggests that migrants depress wages for Americans, at least in the beginning, and particularly hit workers who have to compete for jobs.

And the new arrivals aren’t assimilating as well as past waves of immigrants, struggling to learn English and to raise their wages as quickly as previous migrants, the academy said in a final draft of the report, which The Washington Times obtained.

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09/21/2016 12:38

Economy is Still Incredibly Lousy

Indeed, what left and right properly pointed out about the median income news is that income was even higher in 1999. So if we ignore for now just how easy it is to twist statistics, the simple truth is that Americans got a raise in 2015 to levels that would have distressed the 1999 worker. Even more interesting is the sad reality that the 1999 dollar was quite a bit more valuable than the one in 2016. Deep thinkers view the mere mention of gold as low rent, but the dollar bought roughly 1/279th of an ounce of gold in 1999 versus less than 1/1300th of an ounce in 2016. Gasoline back then retailed for about .98 cents a gallon.

The above figures hopefully remind us that modern income gains are somewhat illusory, but they're most useful for explaining what has been sixteen years of wage stagnation. More than elite thinkers would ever like to admit, 21st century wage stagnation has sprung from a lack of investment. Unquestionably. Because when investment soars, so does worker productivity and wages. Companies very much want to give out raises. But when investment lags, so does productivity, and with it so do wages stagnate.

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09/21/2016 8:59

Women Earning More Doctoral Degrees than Men

Women earned more doctoral degrees than men in 2015 – the seventh year in a row this has occurred. They also earned more master's degrees and outnumber men in graduate school.

(An obvious case of blatant sexism and discrimination.)

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