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10/08/2015 12:15

Sweden Up in Flames

  It is supposed to be the model multicultural state. But Sweden is facing problems of its own after gangs of immigrants spent a fifth consecutive night rioting  in Stockholm.

Officers are battling to keep the  capital under control after hundreds of cars were torched, a police station set alight and fire services kept from  a major blaze by a stone-throwing mob of youths.

To make matters worse, rioting has now spread to Sweden’s two other major cities, Gothenburg and Malmo.

On Thursday night there were 90 separate blazes in the  capital. Thirty cars were torched and there were eight arrests – mostly of people in their  early 20s.

In earlier attacks, groups of up to 100 rioters targeted schools, nurseries and shops – breaking windows and setting buildings ablaze.

In Skogas, south of Stockholm, emergency services were kept from a fire in a restaurant when a gang of youths pelted fire engines with rocks.

(That alleged multicultural utopia seems to be turning out to be a hellhole.)

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10/08/2015 10:15

Not Too Soon to Shop for Christmas

The 16 Foot Inflatable Christmas Darth Vader is now for sale.  (Never associated Vader with Christmas but...and it is rumored the Merry Christmas "Walking Dead" ornaments will be avilable soon.)

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10/08/2015 7:57

About That Gun Control Thing

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10/07/2015 9:28

Another Honor Killing Horror

The horrifying story of an “honor killing” in Germany spotlights the sheer madness of importing millions of unvetted, unassimilated migrants.

The victim, a 20-year-old woman known as “Rokstan M,” is one refugee who had a strong case for asylum. She was gang-raped in Syria, emigrated to Germany two years ago, and found employment with the German government as a translator.

However, she strongly suspected  her family wanted her dead for being “unclean,” and her suspicions appear to have been confirmed, as the German police believe her father and brothers slaughtered her with knives and buried her body in a garden, allegedly at the instruction of her mother.

(Of course, we can certainly provide a safe haven for women like Rokstan but we should now allow her rapists in nor her violent, Muslim family.)

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10/07/2015 9:18

Leftie yahoos consumed by their hatred​

Actually, anyone who has dipped a toe into politics will know that the hate comes disproportionately from one end of the spectrum. It’s difficult to gauge these things empirically, of course. One test would be to compare the number of people who boast of their hatred. Twitter Lefties often declare in their self-descriptions “hates capitalism” or “hates Tories”; but there are very few bios proclaiming “hates socialism”.

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10/07/2015 2:03

There is no Diversity Crisis in Tech

The "diversity crisis" is a fake crisis manufactured by SJW parasites who want to leech off the success of others. Tech doesn't need more women. Tech doesn't need more blacks, American Indians, Eskimos, walruses, penguins, or meerkats.

And, as the Impossibility of Social Justice Convergence predicts, as the observation of previous diversity crises will demonstrate, the continued success of tech actually depends upon IGNORING those who are attempting to sell the diversity crisis scam and actively RESISTING all of their "solutions".

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10/07/2015 7:37

Nuclear Smugglers Sought Terrorist Buyers

The previously unpublicized case is one of at least four attempts in five years in which criminal networks with suspected Russian ties sought to sell radioactive material to extremists through Moldova

(Sort of sounds like the religion of peace, doesn't it.)

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10/07/2015 7:25

Prison Debate Teams Wins Over Harvard

During the battle against Harvard, the inmates had to argue that public schools should have the right to turn away students whose parents came to the United States without documents. It was a stance the inmates didn't agree with, but they were able to come up with points Harvard wasn't expecting, AP reports, and a neutral panel of judges declared them the winners.

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10/07/2015 6:58

Yes, We Told You So

This Changes Everything, the movie version of Naomi Klein’s bestselling book by that title, is a moment of astonishing candor on the environmentalist left. For decades, conservatives have argued that environmentalism is a cover for centrally managed economies, wealth redistribution, and intrusive government regulations. Klein comes out and says that indeed, environmentalism is exactly that. Conservative critics, she says in so many words, “are right.” Climate change is an opportunity to write “a new story.”

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10/06/2015 9:18

Not a Surprise that This Administration is Lawless

 The Obama administration deported the fewest number of immigrants in the past 12 months since 2006, according to new government figures obtained by The Associated Press.

The figures also show that deportations of criminal immigrants have dropped to the lowest numbers since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, despite his pledge to focus on finding and deporting criminals living in the country illegally.

The overall total of 231,000 deportations generally does not include Mexicans who were caught at the border and quickly returned home by the U.S. Border Patrol. The figure does include roughly 136,700 convicted criminals deported in the last 12 months. Total deportations dropped 42 percent since 2012.

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10/06/2015 9:11

Sign of the Journalistic Times

The Los Angeles Times will lay off 10 percent of its news room. ( Few people are buying a leftwing paper who described the half-black Oregon shooter as a "white supremacist." The LA Times backs Gov. Jerry Brown and his liberal allies big government policies. Enough said.)

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10/06/2015 8:54

The Administration's Syria(and other) Failures

The U.S. is running a vast, multi-country war effort that has become unhinged from any serious strategic vision, and we have a military system in which the commanders who see the futility and try to do something about it (and there are plenty) are sidelined. Go along to get along is the way things work in Obama’s Pentagon, and both the White House and the Congress are more interested in making the military look pretty on the parade ground than making it perform effectively in the combat zone.

The President and the political overseers in Congress have made their priorities clear: You can persist with strategies that don’t work for years and still get steadily promoted up the ladder as long as you jump through hoops about integrating women and gays into more military roles. There’s nothing wrong with those goals. Integrating the armed services racially was once attacked by traditionalists as a step that would destroy military cohesion, but it’s made both the U.S. and our armed services much stronger over time. But the essence of military leadership (and effective civilian oversight) is to get the combat missions done with the lowest possible cost and loss of life.

 Perhaps choosing between successful military operations and reshaping the makeup of the military doesn’t have to be either/or, but under President Obama we have opted for the latter and tanked the former.

(And Obama can't blame Republicans for this debacle. It was all of his own making.)

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10/05/2015 9:22

Greater Love Hath No Man...

 In the midst of the horrific shooting, Army veteran Chris Mintz was shot seven times in his attempt to save the students in danger. In charging Harper-Mercer, he suffered bullet wounds in the back, hands and abdomen, and he was left with two broken legs

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10/05/2015 6:52

Should Christians Arm Themselves?

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey: “I would encourage my fellow Christians who are serious about their faith to think about getting a handgun carry permit,” Ramsey wrote. “I have always believed that it is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. Our enemies are armed. We must do likewise.”

I believe it was Evangelist Terry Mize (may have the name wrong,) who, when he was in Mexico, had a criminal fire five bullets at him at point blank range. They shooter missed. The would-be killer was so shocked he ran away. Mize was a strong believer in Psalm 91, the Psalm of protection. Other Christians have walked out of situations where they faced death. Psalm 91 overrules the natural. But if you haven't studied and meditaed on Psalm 91, the Lord would not object if you drop into a gun store.

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10/04/2015 9:09

Let's Get This on the Market Quickly

Memory loss breakthrough: New implant can reverse Alzheimer's damage. (I forgot why I was so interested in this but it sounds very important.)

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