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11/29/2015 5:44

But Dont Expect Feminists To Protest

Univ. of Missouri prof arrested for dragging hijab-less teenage girl by the hair.

He then allegedly slapped her across the face, and pulled her by the hair down and flight of stairs and into his car.

Omar’s LinkedIn page lists him as being an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, Columbia and manager of Artifacts Journal at the University bookstore.

(Taking a wild guess, I'm saying feminists and progressives will say it's OK for a MUSLIM to assault and slap women.  It's just that white guys shouldn't do it.)

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11/28/2015 10:01

Weak, Confused, Unable to Grasp

  He can't talk about a strategy in the Middle East because he doesn't have one. He thinks he doesn't need one because he's confident that ISIS, "the junior varsity," will implode. Hardly anyone agrees with him. Like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders he cannot even bring himself to say the words "radical Islamic violence." If he cannot bring himself to say who the enemy is, and what that enemy is up to, he can hardly deal with that radical Islamic enemy. He says Islamic refugees are no more likely to be violent than Christian refugees. He insists that ISIS is just another manifestation of terrorism, not a caliphate that demands to be recognized as a state. "Nobody," he says, "is under illusions that [ISIS] can actually in a sustained way feed people or educate people or organize a society that would work." Maybe Mr. Obama doesn't know anyone who thinks that, but there are many well-informed people who do. The record is clear that ISIS can indeed operate as a state. It collects garbage and collects taxes — what else must a state do to demonstrate its effectiveness?

"Unable to grasp." That will be the epitaph for the Obama presidency

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11/28/2015 7:23

Black Pastors Will Endorse Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump will take the next step in his religious outreach effort next week when he announces the endorsement of a group of 100 African-American pastors and religious leaders at his Manhattan headquarters.  (At the start of the campaign I thought Trump would fade. He won't. This is a major event for his campaign.)

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11/27/2015 2:37

A 21st Century Samaritan

Vox Day gives a modern take on the parable of the Good Samaritan.

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11/27/2015 11:10

This Often Happens When a Beer Truck is Stolen

GA man named Miller steals Coors Light truck; runs himself over during escape (The good news. He's in the running for "Dumbest Criminal of the Month Award."

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11/27/2015 9:46

A Grim Sign of the Times

The chief rabbi of Brussels told an Israeli radio station Monday that there is no future for Jews in Europe.  (And the New York Times did a sob story on Muslims this week, beamoaning that one or two New Yorkers allegedly said bad things to random Mulims.)

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11/27/2015 8:54

Ready for Holiday Cheer

FBI is tracking 48 high risk ISIS suspects.  (This is what happens when you have a open borders immigration policy and an unconcern for American lives.)

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11/26/2015 7:27

Happy Thanksgiving!

And Here's the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Holiday

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11/24/2015 4:35

Why No Liberal Rage About New Orleans Shooting?

Here is something to know: the shooting took place between two rival groups and is believed to be gang-related. The police chief believes that it may have something to do with the heroin trade. That means it was a crime shooting, a shootout between criminals (and that witnesses, incidentally, appear afraid to talk to the police, though it is believed many in attendance know who the shooters were.)

As we see in Chicago pretty much every day, the white liberal thought leaders of the left aren’t interested in these kinds of shootings. The playground is in a black neighborhood. The shooters were in gangs. I ask you to ask yourself why there is not the usual overwhelming onslaught from liberal do-gooders that follows other mass shootings. Go ahead. Ask yourself.

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11/24/2015 10:28

I won't be Staying There

Scandinavian hotel chain bans bacon and sausage. (Despite this, one must admire the owner because he  eliminated pay-per-view porn from all Nordic Choice hotels after citing its connection to child trafficking, replacing the channels with contemporary video art on demand in 2013)

However, I think he should keep the porn ban but reinstate bacon.

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11/24/2015 10:23

Trust in the Lord, Not Governments

  It's not really surprising that after seven years of an administration of serial liars, empty promises and failed plans, an overwhelming percentage of the public does not trust elected officials, their politics or the government they're supposed to be running.

What's really shocking is that 19% of Americans still do.

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11/24/2015 8:33

A Sign of Academic Sanity

Dartmouth President Announces Investigation of Black-on-White Intimidation.  (Hope he has the courage to follow through.)

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11/23/2015 8:32

The Most Corrupt Administration Ever

Analysts at U.S. Central Command were pressured to ease off negative assessments about the Islamic State threat and were even told in an email to “cut it out,” Fox News has learned – as an investigation expands into whether intelligence reports were altered to present a more positive picture. 

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11/23/2015 8:23

A Metaphor for the Obama Administration

Byron York: U.S. ran out of ammo in attack on ISIS trucks.  (Obama just doesn't care about ISIS or about how many people they kill. Dealing with  a bunch of sociopathic killers is simply inconvenient and interfers with his hard left agenda.)

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11/23/2015 7:20

Goshs, I Wonder Why

New York Times columnist Charles Blow is upset because, among other reasons that "a 52 percent majority says that government antiterrorism policies single out Muslims in the U.S. for increased surveillance and monitoring.”  Gosh, I wonder way? Could it be the more than 20,000 terrorist attacks by Muslims since 2001?

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11/22/2015 4:48

Another Brilliant Essay by John C. Wright

Progressivism says Western Civilization, that is, Christendom, is the source of sin. Everyone outside Christendom is blameless, a victim of Europe, and all woman and perverts inside Christendom are likewise victims of various forms of oppression. God says Christ is the only salvation, that no one is blameless, that all are victims, not just of human but also of hellish oppressors.

Progressivism says a Glorious Leader and Worldly Messiah will arise to lead the oppressed to violent and bloody victory over their oppressors, which include the whole system of the world, all its laws and customs.

No Glorious Leader ever accomplishes utopia, or, for that matter, leaves his nation better than he found it, or even leaves it intact. This is always blamed on the insufficiency of the political will of the loyalists and the disployalty of saboteurs. It is always promised that more bloodshed will solve the problem more mass-liquidations.

100 million innocent deaths is not enough. Once enough people are killed by Stalin, by Che, by Castro, by Mao, and killed and killed and killed until the seas runs pink with blood, the great goddess History will be pleased with the blood of the multigenocidal human sacrifices, and that the New Jerusalem will descend from heaven and abolish the law of supply and demand, the law of cause and effect, prices, wages, and scarcity of resources or labor, and that all goods and services will be free in infinite abundance forevermore hereafter and amen.

God says Christ is the Messiah, and He sacrificed Himself, not an innocent bystander, to save you. The blood that had been shed is enough.

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