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04/27/2015 7:39

Eric Holder and the Pot of Wall Street Gold

Just after announcing his resignation as U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder has accepted a top $77 million  with Wall Street finance giant JPMorgan Chase.

(DIdn't Holder go easy on Morgan Chase during his time in office? Looks like it paid off(

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04/27/2015 7:33

Tweet of the Day

Shouldn't @ABC News explain their @GStephanopoulos policy to their viewers. How can he cover the Clinton scandals with his clear conflict?

(There's certainly no problem with Stephanopoulos asking tough questions. the problem here is he doesn't ask tough questions of Democrats. As Sen. Cruz pointed out, no MSM reporter asks touch questions of Democrats

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04/24/2015 1:28

The Value of Christianity

How Christianity Invented Children.  (Want to know how important and vaulable Christianity is, especially since we are falling back into paganism. Read this. And then Think Rotherham. The brave new world of Paganism, white progressivism and Muslims will be a hellhole for children.)

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04/24/2015 10:54

Not Much Blogging Today

It's one of those days....

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04/23/2015 1:13

Middle Class Incomes Shrink as Mass Immigration Grows

Wages of America's middle class have dropped below 1970s levels as immigration has surged 325 percent, according to a new congressional report that questions claims that native Americans are economically helped by greater immigration.

(But our elites see their power enhanced by immigration so they won't stop it. The elites owe allegiance to themselves, not to America)

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04/22/2015 4:20

Think I Can Confirm This

Most authors earn less than minimum wage from their writing, survey finds  (Yes, we do it because we enjoy it...and out of a profound sense of stupidity.)

But if you want to help a struggling writer my latest book is  Last Stand at Lighthouse Point. and it's very good.

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04/22/2015 7:58

It's Justifiable Computicide

"Fed Up" Colorado Man, 38, Busted For Shooting His Computer

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04/22/2015 7:53

"The Brownshirts Are Back"

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04/20/2015 12:03

The Exodus to Red States

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently appeared on one of the late night talk shows, beating the class warfare drum and arguing for billions of dollars in new social programs paid for with higher taxes on millionaires and billionaires. In recent years, though, blue states such as California, Illinois, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland and Minnesota adopted this very strategy, and they raised taxes on their wealthy residents. How did it work out? Almost all of these states lag behind the national average in growth of jobs and incomes.

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04/20/2015 9:28

Shootings return to New York City

Twenty people have been shot and one victim has died after shootings in NYC since Friday.  (Maybe stopping the stop and frisk program wasn't such a good idea after all.)

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04/20/2015 7:39

Gosh, I Wonder Why?

The number of voters who believe terrorists are winning the fight against the United States and its allies continues to grow, while views of Muslims in general and U.S. relations with the Islamic world have worsened. (Gosh, wonder why that is? Maybe the genocide of Christians and other minorities have something to do with it.)

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04/19/2015 12:21

About that "Punching down" Thing

Ross Douthat's insight is as brilliant as ever.

Trudeau did not exactly say they had it coming, but he passed judgment on their sins — not the sin of blasphemy, but the sin of picking a politically unsuitable target for their jabs.

But on the contemporary left, the theory’s simplicity is becoming a kind of intellectual straitjacket. The Hebdo massacre is just one of many cases in which today’s progressives, in the name of overthrowing hierarchies, end up assuming that lines of power are predictable, permanent and clear.

Which they are not, for several reasons.

First, while power flows from pre-existing privilege, it also grows from the barrel of a gun, and the willingness to deal out violence changes power dynamics, even when it doesn’t have a truly revolutionary outcome. The terrorist’s veto on portrayals of Islam is itself a very real form of power, and as long as journalists who challenge it end up dead, the idea that they are “up” and their targets are “down” reflects a denial of life-and-death reality.

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04/19/2015 12:14

Do these people call themselves Adults?

Christina Hoff Sommers gets "trigger warnings" at Georgetown. Students are afraid she might say something that challenges the leftist mindset. Then again, isn't this what feminism wanted? A woman so powerful students and professors cringe with fear when they walk on campus?

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