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07/29/2015 1:06

Well, This is Neat

A $5 trillion asteroid zooms by Earth.

The near-Earth asteroid is an intriguing candidate for mining, said representatives of the company Planetary Resources, which is hoping to begin these activities in the coming decades.

(In the Golden Age of Science Fiction, writers felt there was nothing that man, science and technology could not do. Mining an asteroid might prove them right. I can't imagine how that would be done. But my hunch is they can pull it off.)

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07/29/2015 12:50

Public School System Fading Away?

  Public education is losing ground. It is being undermined at every turn. This is due to more than the Christian contingent. People everywhere are taking control of their children’s education. The Internet is making this possible. As time marches on, tools and information will be even more accessible. This trend will not be reversed.

Why not? Funding. The system takes gobs of money. Gobs. It inhales taxpayer money and then wastes it like any other bureaucratic welfare-state system does.

Resources flee over time from those individuals and institutions that misallocate capital. Competition eats them alive. Resources also flee over time from individuals and institutions that break God’s law. By giving the state jurisdiction over the education of our children, this is exactly what we have done over the last 300 years. We have already paid for that choice. We have more to pay. In the meantime, the institution is coming to an end.

(When liberals take over an institution, it fails and people flee.  Same with communism and socialism. When communists or socialists rule a country, people take a mass exodus)

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07/29/2015 11:10

Smells Fishy To Me

Kerry: We Can't Reveal Contents of Secret Side Deals to American People. (Maybe we could ask the Chinese. They hacked into all our secrets so they can tell us what's in the deal.)

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07/28/2015 9:21

About that Global Warming Thing

Cold front brings rare July snow to Northern Rockies

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07/28/2015 9:13

Obama's Revolving Door

The revolving door between industry and government existed long prior to the ACA, but the commingling of industry and government interests under the ACA brings with it new implications.  Simply put, the ACA represents the biggest transfer of taxpayer resources to the private sector since Gilded Age railroad barons were beneficiaries.


(Obama said he would do away with things like this. But he lied about a whole lot of things.)

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07/27/2015 1:11

If you Have Good Genes....

Genes influence academic ability across all subjects, latest study shows   (Political correctness tends to deny this but truth is truth even when its inconvenient.)

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07/25/2015 4:22


Computer has been in the shop and, due to mistakes, malfunctions and incompetency, it is still in the shop. No blogging until about mid-day Monday. I HOPE I get it back by then,

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07/18/2015 11:16

And doesn't seem to be getting better.

By the Numbers: Obama's Economic, Jobs, and Deficit Performance is the Worst on Record.

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07/18/2015 9:58

More Fiction From the New York Times

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07/16/2015 7:09

Why aren't Ethicists Better People?

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07/16/2015 6:54

As Society Becomes More Depraved

Planned Parenthood's Bloody Business: "A Lot of People Want Livers."

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07/14/2015 10:48

Bad SF Becomes Reality

   Florida fishermen find FOOT-LONG Asian tiger shrimp that escaped from 'experimental' lab. (OK, now what else has escaped from the experimental lab)

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07/13/2015 9:42

The Beta Male and the End of Civilization

The bitterness, the desperation of the attacks of the Beta Males and Un-Women is driven by their strong suspicion that None of This Is Actually Right, but they can't actually form that thought, they can't question the self-annihilating anti-philosophy they've accepted without question, because of their essential cowardice.

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07/11/2015 7:40

Blame it on Global Warming

  Scientists warn the sun will 'go to sleep' in 2030 and could cause temperatures to plummet

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