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01/26/2015 10:23

Science Fiction May be Dying

I grew up reading science fiction and continued to read it in my adult years. I For a long time I was fascinated by the genre. Now, as Vox Day points out, sales are steadlly declining.

Remember, science fiction was also down 21% in 2013, which means that science fiction unit sales have declined 1,488,000 in just two years. It's down more than one-quarter in two years and is now only half the size of the Graphic Novel market, which is not only growing, but is presently dominated by men writing and drawing for male customers.

Vox blames the social justice Morlocks for killing the genre. I'm not an expert in the SF genre but his words have the ring of hard truth.

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01/26/2015 5:56

Not a Tough Question

Will media show berserk pro-abortion protestors blocking pro-life March? (No, they won't Next question.)

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01/26/2015 9:32

A Little Theology

I'm in a minor disagreement with some folks on Twitter about a infantile statement going "Thank God for sparing you from a natural disaster is akin to sending a thank you note to a serial killer for stabbing the family next door."

First, the lady knows nothing about Christianity and nothing about the scriptures. To show one of the reasons why I will relate the tale of a woman in London during the blitz. She proclaimed Pslam 91 over her house. Pslam 91 is a pslam of protection. She had great faith. Bombs often fell around her but her house was undamaged. Faith, the scripture tells us, is a substance. It is real, we can't see it. We can only see the effects of it, such as the lady's house being the only one on the block to remain undamaged. She can certainly thank God for his protection because she put His protection into action by her faith. One of the lines of Pslam 91 is "A thousand will fall on my side, ten thousand on my right hand but (destruction) will not come near me." She repeated that Psalm and it was true in her life. She can certainly thank God.She was not using anything not available for her neighbors. They chose not to use it. That's free will. Her faith protected her house and her life. As it has often protected others.

She later stopped going to the air raid shelter. When asked why she said, "I read where the scriptures said the Lord never sleeps. So there was no reason for both of us to stay awake."

(I do apologize for suggesting the Twitter folks were idiots. they, obviously are not, but their theology is infantile and totally false.

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01/26/2015 7:25

Obama Is Declaring War on Someone - But It's Alaska

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Gov. Bill Walker, said the move -- and two other anticipated announcements involving offshore drilling in the Arctic and development in National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska -- amounted to “declaring war on Alaska’s future."

(The administration should declear war on ISIS and help the people of Alaska. Obama has it the wrong way around. Of course, he hates honest, law-abiding Americans but, at best, is ambivalent about the people he refers to refer to as Islamic terrorists.)

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01/26/2015 7:10

To Some, It might be a Sweet Moment

The San Francisco Zoo is offering the burned and spurned masses the chance to "adopt" a hissing cockroach or giant scorpion in honor of their special ex-someone for Valentine's Day. (Perhaps you should just try forgiveness and get on with your life.)

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01/26/2015 6:58

Corruption, Fraud - Yes, It's the DOJ

Federal Judge Accuses DOJ Attorneys of Defrauding The Court, Threatening Witness in Case of ATF Whistleblower

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01/26/2015 6:31

Typoical of the BBC (and other media)

Head of BBC Arabic: Don’t call Charlie Hebdo killers “terrorists”  (How about "literary critics?")

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01/25/2015 9:39

The Hollywood Jihad Against American Sniper

American Sniper broke box office records that had been set by blockbusters like Avatar, Passion and Hangover Part II by refusing to demonize American soldiers or to spin conspiracy tales about the war. Instead of pandering to coastal progressives, it aimed at the patriotic heartland.

In a sentence you no longer expected to hear from a Hollywood exec, the Warner Brothers distribution chief said, “This is about patriotism and all the things people say the country is lacking these days.”

The backlash to that patriotism and the things the country is lacking these days didn’t take very long to form and it goes a lot deeper than snide tweets from Michael Moore and Seth Rogen. Academy members were reportedly passing around an article from the New Republic, whose author had not actually seen the movie, but still denounced it for not showing Chris Kyle as a bigoted murderer.

Hollywood progressives are both threatened and angered by American Sniper. And with good reason.

The most basic reason is the bottom line. Between Lone Survivor, Unbroken and American Sniper, the patriotic war movie is back. Hollywood could only keep making anti-war movies no one would watch as long as that seemed to be the only way to tackle the subject. Now there’s a clear model for making successful and respectful war movies based around the biographies and accounts of actual veterans.

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01/25/2015 8:50

Did Humanity Really Need This

Don’t panic, but there are now robot vampire bats

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01/25/2015 7:24

Listen Up OPEC

The margins may be slimming, and drilling in some of the more expensive formations may be tapering off, but there’s no sense that the industry is fated to retrench. OPEC take note: it’s generally not a good idea to bet against America’s ability to innovate.

(And our low gas prices prove that. Yes, they won't stay low forever but fracking has proved extremely beneficial to America.)

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01/25/2015 5:43

How's That Religion of Peace Going?

Almost 500 cases of female genital mutilation identified in just one month in English hospitals.

(I hope the officials here do not suffer from the "Rotherham Mentality" meaning they will look the other way and ignore these atrocities.  If not one goes to prison, then it's remains open Muslim season on young girls/)

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01/25/2015 5:36

My Home State

Gunfire meant for iguana terrifies vacationing family  (Actually, this happens a lot in Florida. That and the giant python hunts.)

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01/25/2015 2:25

This Makes My Day

Liberal Atheist Comedian Gets Liberal Godless Politician to confess he’s a lying propagandist when it comes to Islam.

(Yes, that happens a lot but it's still fun to see.)

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01/25/2015 1:02

Well, This will irritate Leftists

'American Sniper' continues box office dominance

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01/25/2015 12:57

It's the Party of Death

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01/25/2015 12:52

Misplaced Priorities

“Mr. President, you’re showing the world and the terrorists where your priorities lie — not in keeping America safe, secure, and strong, but making American more evenly distributed,” Bolling said. “Now that is deflating.”

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01/24/2015 9:32

Your Crime Update of the Week

Louisiana thief tries to escape on Walmart wheelchair shopping cart  (Surprisinlgy, the police captured him.)

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01/24/2015 9:22

Uncle Sam Is Coming After Your Savings

Capital gains are taxed at a lower rate, of course. But if you combine the Obamacare capital income surcharge for higher earners, and the administration's new proposal to raise the base rate to 28 percent, you're looking at a capital gains tax of almost 32 percent for people who make more than $200,000 a year ($250,000 for married couples). We are simply running out of room to pay for generous new programs with higher taxes  on the small handful of people who make many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I'm not saying that it's impossible, politically or otherwise, to further raise their tax rates. I'm just saying that there's not all that much money there left to get.

(But government is a voracious monster. It wants all the money. We have to overpay all the civil servants.)

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