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12/03/2016 5:31

Nation Shocked Christians Have Christian Beliefs

“We’re not saying people can’t be Christians,” a Seattle woman said in a Facebook comment. “This is a free country, after all. But when Christians decide to actually have Christian beliefs about things—I’m sorry, that’s just too far.”

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12/03/2016 1:03

Hope FBI Looks Into This

The State of Pennsylvania released the personal information of GOP electors, leading to a wave of emails and phone calls which at least one elector described as “total harassment.  (If Trump people were doing this, the MSM would be covering it 24-hours a day.)

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12/03/2016 11:03

10 Things Journalists Did Wrong in 2016

 Only Ten. Really had to trim the list. Could easily have been 50.

 Hello: This is not a new problem. The media have been functioning as an arm of the Democratic Party for several years. Some are only willing to acknowledge it now because Trump’s win was such shock to them, and because many made their partisan loyalties explicit in 2016. But the profession has been corrupt for a long time, and remains so, from top to bottom.

2. Journalists ignored the basics. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How. Journalists were far too busy telling their audience what to think about about the candidates and the issues than to bother with telling them what was actually going on. Not one of the high-minded essays in the Nieman anthology grasps this point. Journalists neglected the basics in favor of punditry.

3. Journalists were blinded by hate. After Trump’s final rally in New Hampshire, the country’s elite journalists were more interested in whether Tom Brady had really voted for Trump or Bill Belichick had really written him a letter than in the fact that Trump had just made an explicit appeal to working-class voters, something you almost never see Republicans do. They hated Trump so much that they simply could not listen to what he was saying except to find gaffes with which to punish him.

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12/03/2016 7:43

News From My Home State

 Jupiter woman throws squid at boyfriend outside bagel shop (Florida, you gotta like it)

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12/02/2016 10:01

Guess Trump Can Take Credit for This Too

Buoyed by renewed economic confidence following the presidential election, Americans snapped up new vehicles at a rapid pace in November, giving the U.S. auto industry a chance of breaking its all-time record for full-year sales.

With stocks hitting record highs following Donald Trump's victory, easy credit, strong employment and a solid housing market, vehicle shoppers had little reason to hesitate in the showroom.

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12/02/2016 7:54

This Will Really Upset Some Libs

Ford Open to Deals With Trump to Keep Jobs in U.S., CEO Says. (Wow, that Make American Prosperous Again is already working) 

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12/02/2016 1:45

Europe Was Warned

Study: Migrants Insulating Themselves From European Culture, Not Integrating

(Probably the migrants are becoming jihadists, not Europeans)

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12/02/2016 9:02

Never thought I'd see This

A Salon writer - yes, Salon - writes am excellent story praising Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama. The world has turned upside down.

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12/02/2016 8:48

Tiger: Made Some Silly Mistakes

 For a brief instant, it appeared that Tiger Woods  had spent the last 15 months quietly cobbling together some sort of Bahamian time machine.

The irons were accurate, the chips were crisp. The birdie putts fell – first one, then another, then another.

(He said some mistakes hurt his round.But after a 15 months layoff he may be a bit rusty. Nice to see him back on the greens though.)

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan