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Interesting Bits

07/25/2014 7:30

About That Illegal Alien Thing...

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07/25/2014 1:08

Not At All Surprising

Study: Socialists tend to cheat more than others. (And probably lie and steal more than others too.)

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07/25/2014 8:39

More Obama Incompetence

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07/24/2014 12:48

Wouldn't Put It Past Him

Gaza Terrorist: "Their God Changes the path of Our Rockets in Mid-Air."   (Which might give you a hint that you're serving the wrong god.)

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07/24/2014 11:54

Day of Celebration

Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim and her family have left Sudan and flew to Italy, where they were met by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, according to reports. Renzi declared a "day of celebration" for the woman, who had initially been sentenced to death for renouncing Islam and marrying a Christian Sudanese-American.

(There is some good news in the world.)

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07/24/2014 8:30

WaPo Edit: The Depravity of Hamas

The depravity of Hamas’s strategy seems lost on much of the outside world, which — following the terrorists’ script — blames Israel for the civilian casualties it inflicts while attempting to destroy the tunnels. While children die in strikes against the military infrastructure that Hamas’s leaders deliberately placed in and among homes, those leaders remain safe in their own tunnels.

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07/24/2014 8:09

About That Religion of Peace thing...

   Militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria has ordered all girls and women in and around Iraq's northern city of Mosulto undergo female genital mutilation.

(Don't expect any outrage from feminists. They're too busy whining that Hobby Lobby won't pay for their abortions.)

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07/23/2014 2:32

More Anti-Christian Bigotry

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07/23/2014 1:40

Our Very Strange World...

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07/23/2014 9:50

The Exceedingly Inightful Matt Walsh

I have never in my life encountered a religion as oppressive, cold, and stiff as Progressivism. I’ve never known a faith more eager to burn heretics at the stake. Even a fundamentalist Iranian Muslim would flinch if he came face to face with a western liberal’s rigid dogmatism. I imagine that even a Saudi Arabian Islamic cleric would take one look at how American left wingers react when anyone deviates ever so slightly from their established orthodoxy, and say to himself, “man, these people REALLY need to chill.”

The Cult of Leftism has many tenets, and it demands full compliance with all of them, but nothing in its creed compares to the sanctity of their two great sacraments: child murder and sodomy.


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07/23/2014 9:43

The Death of the Presbyterian Church

First, the obvious: why is it that self-professed Christians completely ignore the horrific Islamic persecution of fellow Christians in the Middle East, while grandstanding against the Jewish state for trying to defend itself against the same ideology that persecutes Christians?

(The Presbyterian Church's condemnation of Israel will not hurt the Jewish state but it is the last nail on the coffin of this denomination.)

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan