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09/02/2014 12:44

This is why you don't Text and Drive

Woman impaled in buttocks after texting while driving.

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09/02/2014 6:50

Looking For Terror in all the Wrong Places

Those murders could have been prevented, and the Boston Marathon jihad massacre could have been headed off as well, if the FBI had taken seriously the information it received from the Russians. But to have done so would have required acknowledging that there was indeed a threat from a “strong believer” in “radical Islam,” and as the FBI’s new national threat assessment for domestic terrorism shows, the agency was not disposed to admit that – and still isn’t.

meanwhile, this latest national threat assessment shows that the Obama Administration’s fog of denial and willful ignorance about the jihad threat is thicker than ever. To be warning about Puerto Rican nationalists while Islamic jihadists are increasingly aggressive, assertive and violent around the world is tantamount to warning about slow waiters on the Titanic.

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09/01/2014 10:44

A Space Opera Tribute

The second volume of book I wrote with a pastor friend, a type of tribute to the golden age of SF space opera, "Deep Space Command" is now on the market.

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09/01/2014 10:07

Taxes and Hollywood

Hollywood’s big-budget blockbuster movies have often been filmed overseas, particularly in England because of the tax incentives offered. Now television is following suit and more US series than ever before are filming outside North America. why? Tax Breaks.

(Is it ironic that Hollywood producers and writers condemn the policies that they are taking advantage of?)

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09/01/2014 9:39

OK,Who Would Want to Buy A Skunk?

A Moores Hill couple is facing charges for illegally selling raccoons, skunks and fish out of their home. (Could you really make a lot of money at this. Is there THAT many people who want to buy raccoons and skunks?)


(Hat tip to Dave Barry)

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09/01/2014 9:35

A Sign of the Times

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09/01/2014 8:59

Well, This is Depressing

Early Sesgame Street epidosdes not suitable for children.

How sad that a TV show in which grown men read stories to children for no apparent reason no longer seems appropriate


(This is not only incredibly stupidd, it shows that society hasn't improved much in the last 50 years. It has, in fact, declined.)

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08/31/2014 8:27

Cheers For Vets And the Second Amendment

89-year-old World War II veteran shoots armed robber.

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan