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03/29/2015 2:24

This is Probably Not Good

Defense Department Keeps Losing 'Sensitive' Explosives Gear, Then Finding It For Sale On Ebay.

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03/29/2015 7:56

Let's Praise Eveanglicals and Nick Kristof

The New York Times columnist Nick Kristof pens a wonderful tribute to evangelicals, especially a Dr. Stephen Foster.

But I must say that a disproportionate share of the aid workers I’ve met in the wildest places over the years, long after anyone sensible had evacuated, have been evangelicals, nuns and priests...The next time you hear someone at a cocktail party mock evangelicals, think of Dr. Foster and those like him. These are folks who don’t so much proclaim the gospel as live it. They deserve better.

(Of course, evangelicals, which include people like Dr. Foster, don't waste their time by showing up for cocktail parties. They're too busy helping others.)

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03/28/2015 8:16

Well, This is Neat

Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days. (In that universe, Barack Obama was defeated when he ran for president and, as a result, America is prospering  and we wiped out ISIS in two weeks.)

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03/28/2015 10:42

Have a Great Day

Little, if any, blogging today. I am behind on an assignment.

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03/27/2015 9:06

Then We Should Be Expecting

Andrew Gih: God's time for revival is the very darkest hour, when everything seems hopeless. It is always the Lord's way to go to the very worst cases to manifest His glory."

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03/27/2015 7:55

More Guns, Less Crime

But Hayes, who previously opposed the law, also said he noticed suburbanites who now have concealed carry licenses seem to be less fearful of crime and more confident in community safety.

"Law enforcement has two goals: reduce crime and reduce fear of crime," Hayes said. "This seems to have an impact on law-abiding citizens adjusting to their fear level by confidence and knowledge."

Lutger said he liked having a gun on him because police don't always arrive on time.

"It's a great equalizer if you're attacked or if you have a bunch of thugs that rob you or want to kill you," Lutger said. "This is strictly for self protection of myself and my family."

(Thanks to Instapundit, which is where I saw this story)

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03/27/2015 7:45

A Hero For Our Time

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03/26/2015 9:58

He Should Have Entered the Health Store

Cops Hunt For 350-Pound Armed Robber Who Stole Cash, Then Pizzas, From Domino’s. (Sounds like he's had enough pizza for a while.)

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03/26/2015 1:00

If We Didn't Have Enough Problems....

  Two particularly hungry, exotic termite species apparently have found love halfway around the world and, as with so many other Florida hook-ups, the results are disturbing.

Asian and Formosan subterranean termites are two of the most destructive termite species in the world, responsible for much of the estimated $40 billion in economic losses attributed to termites annually.

(I'm blaming Obama for this too.)

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03/26/2015 12:54

Sense of Wonder

I enjoy old fashion sciene fiction of wonder and exploration. The author of Interstellar Explorers said that describes his first novel. I plan to get it soon. If anyone else like that type of SF...

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03/26/2015 10:43

Federal Taxes Hit New Record

But deficit is $368 billion. (Gosh, should we try cutting spending?)

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03/26/2015 9:57

Science Fiction Becomes Real

Sci-fi cloaking device could protect soldiers from shock waves

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan