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10/02/2014 6:18

The Prophetic Golda Meir

Ms. Meir said there will be no piece in the Middle East until the Arabs love their children more than then hate Jews. As this video shows, that hasn't happened yet.

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10/01/2014 9:23

"Political Correctness Gone Mad"

There's a lot of that going around today. Tom and Jerry Cartoons Now Carry a Racial Warning.

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10/01/2014 3:08

There is Hope for Academia (At Least in Florida)

Amazingly, a Republican has been named to be the next president of Florida State University. (Liberal Faculty and students are upset but that's to be expected.)

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10/01/2014 2:20

The Civility and Tolerance Crowd Strike Again

Drake University students destory newspaper because of a pro-life ad. (Have those Morlocks ever read Fahrenheit 451?  If they did, did they understand it.)

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10/01/2014 11:18

A Moral Lesson for our Time

Can it really be too difficult to recognize that citizens who strongly disagree with the president of the republic don’t want him to be murdered? Is the moral imagination of the center-left truly so barren as to presume as a matter of course that vehement and caustic political opposition must, eventually, lead to execution?

 Those who are surprised by this perhaps need to spend some more time with their ideological opponents, or — and this will be harder, I grant — spend a little more time examining what it is about their ideology that led them to conflate political opposition and violence in the first instance.

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10/01/2014 10:07

In Praise of Benjamin Netanyahu

Roger Simon: This man, whatever his failings, is better able to articulate the global situation than any political leader currently in a position of power in any country by yards.  In fact, virtually no one else is even attempting to do it. (Tony Blair did for a while before he turned, but he’s not in Bibi’s league.) Netanyahu may not be Churchill when it comes to courage, but he is Churchill, or close, when it comes to a precise mastery of the English language, ironic since he is the prime minister of a Hebrew-speaking nation.  He is able to tell the truth about the important issues, when all others, including, notably, our president and secretary of State, are prevaricating or spinning, trying desperately not to offend the reprehensible,

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10/01/2014 7:33

More Academic Moral Blindness

 Vermont colleg  selects  convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal as commencement speaker.

“People need to start realizing that there’s right and wrong in this world. It seems like no one thinks about that," said Maureen Faulkner.

(At least no one on a college campus realizes there's right and wrong in the world.)

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10/01/2014 6:46

The VA Corruption

The supposed improvements at the VA that were being touted by liberals were actually a giant coverup in which executives were paid to hide wait times. That’s not surprising because this is how Socialism works. The only difference is there are no firing squads. Soviet agriculture collapsed because of “results driven methodology” which encouraged everyone to keep lying about their results. No Child Left Behind had much the same effect.

We’re replacing the same disastrous methodology with newer buzzwords. It’s a dead end and always will be. The plan to centralize everything and then tinker with it ends up the same way.

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10/01/2014 6:41

The New Sex Puritans

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan